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Line welded steel tubes

ProductIn stockUM 
Cev šav. ZP profil 1004 C.0361358kgSelect
Cev šav. ZP profil 1204 C.036117kgSelect
Cev šav.kvad. 100x100x4,5171kgSelect
Cev šav.kvad. 120x120x4105kgSelect
Cev šav.kvad. 200x200x6 S235JR29kgSelect
Cev šav.kvad. 20x20x1,836kgSelect
Cev šav.kvad. 30x30x1,832kgSelect
Cev šav.kvad. 30x30x2,03kgSelect
Cev šav.kvad. 40x40x3,6 S235333kgSelect
Cev šav.kvad. 50x50x2,017kgSelect
Cev šav.kvad. 60x60x2,8330kgSelect
Cev šav.kvad. 60x60x3164kgSelect
Cev šav.kvad. 60x60x3,5743kgSelect
Cev šav.okrugla 1"(33,7x2,8)355kgSelect
Cev šav.okrugla 1"x3,2 HI471kgSelect
Cev šav.okrugla 2" x 2,0 (60,3mm)157kgSelect
Cev šav.okrugla 25,0 x 1,5 HV160kgSelect
Cev šav.okrugla 3/4"HI100kgSelect
Cev šav.okrugla 42,4x1,515kgSelect
Cev šav.okrugla 5/4x3,2 " HI195kgSelect
Cev šav.okrugla 508 x 836kgSelect
Cev šav.okrugla 520 x 11,0 Ku330kgSelect
Cev šav.okrugla 60,3 x 1,5 HV82kgSelect
Cev šav.okrugla 63,5x3,2867kgSelect
Cev šav.prav. 100x60x329kgSelect
Cev šav.prav. 120x80x438kgSelect
Cev šav.prav. 200x120x8 S235JR32kgSelect
Cev šav.prav. 40x20x1,810kgSelect
Cev šav.prav. 60x30x1,916kgSelect
Cev šav.prav. 60x40x2,030kgSelect
Cev šav.prav. 60x40x312kgSelect
Cev šav.prav. 80x40x2 C.0361313kgSelect