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About us

"PRIMIP" was founded in 1991 in Sremska Mitrovica, the town of long historical past that was based on old Roman city Sirmium on the left bank of the river Sava. Dinamical economical development of city was menage by good geographical position and developed highroad, railroad and river traffic.

Since 1992 "PRIMIP" works as a company for marketing agricultural plant and structural materials. In 1995 the cooperation was made with famous Romanian producers of iron and steel metallurgy in spite of difficult business conditions in our country. Till now "PRIMIP" has been marketing on Serbian market seamless steel tubes, line and spiral steel welded tubes, hot rolled L, I and U profiles, profiles for shipbuilding ("holand" profiles), square and hexagonal steels.

The productions of all our providers are controlled in accordance with ISO 9002, which is primary prerequisite for getting quality and demanded product. This statement is affirmed by plenty of our buyers that representing process industry, electrification, agriculture, architecture such as: IMT-Beograd, Zmaj-Zemun, Pobeda-Novi Sad, Poljostroj-Odžaci, Zastava-Kragujevac, FAP-Priboj, Tigar-Pirot, FAK-Loznica, MIN-Niš, Termoelektro-Beograd etc.

Since 2002 we started with producing steel constructions, upgrading truck and truck side-cars, and three years later we started with manufacturing tractor parts. Our management has grown up with projecting of gas and heating installations in 2005.